Grad Cres kao destinacija, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -t
Grad Cres kao destinacija, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -m
The town of Cres, the biggest town on the island of Cres, is located on the bottom of a well-sheltered bay on the west part of the island. Ancient structures and the ancient fortress of Crepsa bear witness to a long and rich history of the island. The fortified old town centre, shaped in the form of a rectangle punctuated by 5 towers and several gates, was built during Venetian rule and, apart from several later additions, has for the most part retained its appearance to this day. For that reason, a walk through the town centre will take you back to the Mediterranean as it once was and in the footsteps of our ancestors – the people that created a culture that still fascinates us.


Lubenice zalazak sunca, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -m
Located on a cliff-top 378 metres above sea level, Lubenice is a small village that held great geostrategic importance in the Middle Ages. What can delight you more than charming winding alleys, scattered churches and remnants of a medieval fortifying wall and gates? Just the spectacular view of the sea from high up.


Valun Kamp Zdovica, Cres -t
Valun kao destinacija, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -m
As a village situated between two pebble beaches, Valun was built and inhabited by generations of fishermen and labourers of the island of Cres. This authentic village tells the century-old tale of life by the sea. It is especially interesting to note that, in the church of St. Mark, the Valun Tablet was discovered – one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments, dating back to as early as the 11th century.


Beli kao destinacija, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -t
Beli kao destinacija, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -m
What does a 4000-year-old island settlement look like? The village of Beli is full of structures that bear witness to its rich history and the earliest traces of culture that defined this area – from the remains of ancient houses and thick dry-stone walls to the parish established in 1018. The village of Beli is also the haven for the magnificent griffon vultures, and you can also visit the permanent exhibit dedicated to the biodiversity of the Cres and Lošinj islands.


Martinšćica kao destinacije, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -t
Martinšćica kao destinacije, Kamp Zdovica, Valun, Cres -m
Ecological heritage of the island of Cres permeates all corners of the village Martinšćica. Explore the beautiful, wild beaches surrounded by untouched nature scattered across Martinšćica, framed by the hilly background with its remains of ancient structures and remnants of the Romanesque church of St. Christopher.


About Us – from our guests perspective

Very good camping place for family with children, clean bathrooms and shower. Super nice beach.

Michel Navarro

Paradise on Earth. The beach is a little crowded but there are many little bays to explore in the area.

Felix Pflugbeil

If someone likes calmer, medium-sized campsites, I recommend it. The car must be left in the parking lot upstairs outside the town. But you can go to a small parking lot about 200m from the campsite and use a trolley (available) to bring your luggage. On the one hand, this is a difficulty, but on the other hand, it is a plus – there are no cars at the campsite, and only a few in the town. The town itself is charming with tasty (though expensive) restaurants.

Maciej T